Wilderness Experience and Leadership Development

Tiis is the prelimenary title of my PhD thesis. It is about what happens with leaders when they experience deep connection with nature. Being in solitude in the wilderness, how does that bring a greater sense of self-awareness? Will guidance and inner wisdom emerge? And will those peak-experiences transform me into a more effective, genuine, values-based leader? Those are the key questions of my PhD Research at Wageningen University & Research, Netherlands.

I am a retired corporate executive (63) and now acting as executive coach and facilitator on Wildernes Leadership Transformation Trails in Africa, organized by the Foundation of Natural Leadership.

Currently I am doing my PhD at Wageningen University & Researh in the Netherlands.

My promotors are:

Prof. V.R. (René) van der Duim, Special Professor Tourism and Sustainable Development Wageningen University Cultural Geography Group

Dr. ir. M. H. (Maarten) Jacobs, Assistent Professor Cultural Geography Group, interested in psychological and social aspects of landscape, nature, and wildlife.

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