Data security

This week i got a very good suggestion by mail from Emile Wolff about data security.

My request for anonymized trailreports has been sent out bij the facilitators to most FNL participants. The anoymization is to secure that personal data is not recognizable any more in the study. What is my approach? The qualitative data analysis consists of coding text elements and look at the clusteriing of data in an open and unbiased way. It is a sort of journey of discovery. In the end there is a collection of labels, making the data instantly more transparent. These will be categorized and conclusions will be drawn. So, the personal data is transformed into abstract description. Moreover, quotes of participants will not be used, and if helpful for understanding, only after explicit approval. I am convinced that herewith personal privacy is safeguarded. On top a of that I got this suggestion of Emile.

His suggestion is to save the trailreoprts on a sperate USB - stick only, to prevent that data will float on servers and hard discs. I will follow his suggestion.

Thanks Emile!

Boy van Droffelaar 2012