Trail reports

Trail reports of participants are coming in. I am very grateful with all the positive support of te FNL Board and my collegue facilitators, who take the time to send their participant the request for approval, so that I can make use of their anonymized reports.

There are two main reasons to make use of the written trail reports for a Qualitative Data Analysis. First, the reporst are written almost directly after each participant ended his or her trail. Secondly, all trail reports are wriiten along four guiding questions:

What is your purpose participating the program?

What are the essential experiences and insights that you had during the trail?

How do these touch the core of your being and your life?

What actions do you deploy in your personal, private, and professional life?

So, the conditions under which the trail reports are written are very similar, which makes them comparable and suitable for a qualitativeanalysis.

I look forward to the coming days how my inbox will be filled with trail reports.

Boy van Droffelaar 2012