Research Design

The design of my research project falls in two parts

a) Retrospective qualitative analysis out of a sample of the 350 leaders who already had a wilderness trail experience. All participants have written a personal ‘trail’-report, immediately after the trail, guided by four central questions:

Why are you participating?

What are the essential experiences that you had during the trail?

How do these touch the core of your being and your life?

What actions do you deploy in your personal, private, and professional life?

Qualitative data research on these reports will be conducted to analyze the perceived outcomes.

b) Longitudinal quantitative research of the leaders who will participate in the next three years. This size of this sample will be around 120. Change in leadership attitude and behavior will be measured Pre-trail and post-trail (after one month and after one year).

Measurement will be done by validated questionnaires.

For gathering anonymized trailreports the following procedure ia applied:

Boy van Droffelaar 2012