Who am I?

After my studies Chemical Technology and Business Administration at Twente University in the Netherlands I worked for several international corporations: Akzo Nobel, Vendex, Randstad Holding, Sara Lee, at general mangement and executive level.

I pursued my education at London Business School, INSEAD and Wharton School of Management.

In 2007 I retired from corporate life and took some time for reflection. I was then trained to be a certified MMS Coach and founded ‘Coeus Transformational & Executive Coaoching’ . My interest in Theory-U brought me to MIT/Boston to follow the lectures of its author Otto Scharmer.

In 2009 I came into contact with the Foundation of Natural Leadership, of which I am now one of their wilderness trail facilitators. Fascinated by what nature does with leadership attitude and behavior I started early 2012 my PhD at Wageningen University & Research.

Besides, I am chairman of the board of the Dutch Flowercouncil, the international collective marketing and promotion organization for the Dutch flowers and plants sector.

I am maried, we have five sons, we love nature, especially Africa and the beach of Bergen aan Zee early in the morning. Every friday, I row in the eight with my mates on the river ‘De Eem’.

Boy van Droffelaar 2012